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O'Flynn Financial Consulting Workbook,
The Money Workshop


I’ve been coaching people about their money since 1992, and the one thing that always gets me is that most of the financial information out there is about how to become rich, or how to live your dream life, or how to have the Millionaire Mind…but nobody is talking about the basics of budgeting.


I’m here to say that it’s not rocket science—that anybody can have freedom, power and growth with their money, and that once you have the everyday issues of money under control, then you can think about being a millionaire—but, regardless of your income or bank balance, you can be freed up!

I have worked one-on-one with my clients and have led several workshops, but I want to reach more people. It is my greatest wish that this book does that, and helps many more people who are struggling with the day-to-day issues of money—fighting with their spouses, bouncing checks, overwhelmed by their credit card debt, or just not sure where the heck their money goes every month!

I am speaking to you—yes, you!—the teacher, the artist, the small business owner, the account executive and yes, even the doctor and the lawyer who aren’t satisfied with the way they are managing their money. It’s not that you’re not smart—you are smart! (You're reading this, aren't you?) No, it’s that nobody ever taught you the fundamentals and mechanics of money, and how to manage your thoughts about money. Well, you're about to learn!

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