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Introducing our law firm

Over 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and business owners reach their financial goals.

O'Flynn Financial Consulting

Creating Freedom, Power, and Growth with Your Money.

Your financial future is a journey. We'll help you get there.

At O'Flynn Financial Consulting, we are proactive with our clients and value their time and business. Maura has helped hundreds of people reach their financial goals. Click below for a quick 30-second intro.

Our clients say...


Debra says....

“Maura has turned my husband and my financial situation around. When we started with Maura we were renting an apartment, carrying a great deal a debt. Through her tireless effort to show us that we could change our circumstances (without any judgement), we now own a house we love. Maura shows you what's possible, and then helps you get there.”


Dean's viewpoint....

“We first hired Maura as a financial advisor over 10 years ago, and she has consistently provided excellent coaching and guidance, which resulted in a significant increase in our net worth. Maura is both practical and creative, willing to deal with mundane financial matters as well as provide clarity and insight to our financial strategy. She is extraordinarily gifted, honest and direct, and a joy to work with—I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Laura's thoughts....

“When you are working with someone and sharing all your money info, you want to know you can trust their knowledge, they can give you options, and they are always up to date on the latest money-related issues. Maura is great to work with; her education and experience are delivered in an easy-going, positive manner. I would highly recommend working with Maura as your Financial Coach.”


Arthur says....

“Maura is a take-charge, no-nonsense consultant whose main concern is the client's well-being. We recently worked together to contain a huge financial hemorrhage and bring order to a chaotic medical situation involving the client's parents. Maura was calm, deliberate and highly effective throughout this ordeal.”

Meet Maura O'Flynn and learn how O'Flynn  Financial Consulting helps people grow their money.... 

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